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First to market and still going strong

In 1961, Chem-tainer introduced their first product “The Original Green Carry Barrel” serving the refuse & landscaping industry. It is now a nationwide product with commercial landscapers, contractors, and homeowners.

In 1972, Chem-tainer introduced and pioneered the nation’s first line of plastic transportation solutions to the material handling and textile transport applications through their manufacturing division, Maxi-Movers. This division serves the Laundry, Hospitality, Material Handling, F&B, and the Recycling Industries.

Today, Chem-tainer continues to provide a broad selection of sizes and configurations of high quality plastic tanks and products, keeping them at the forefront of the plastic rotational molding industry.

Chem-tainer offers literally hundreds of options of open top tanks, water tanks, bulk storage tanks, spill containment tanks and septic tanks as well as lots of tank accessories for any customer needs.

Leading the way with Innovation

Chem-tainer was among the country’s first suppliers of storage & mixing tanks. Their products are used in a variety of industries including chemical & water treatment, pharmaceutical, hydroponics, carwash and residential water conservation. In industries such as hydroponics, Chem-tainer’s new innovative designs & customized product applications helped facilitated the enormous growth that is continuously adapting & growing at a record setting pace.

Ongoing commitment to environmental safety

For more than 60 years, Chem-tainer has been a visionary leader in rotational molding with a consistent focus on protecting the environment. Long before corporate pledges and government regulations, Chem-tainer made the commitment to design, develop and manufacture high quality and environmentally safe storage & handling products. Their manufacturing process and raw materials are non-polluting and non-toxic. Most of Chem-tainer’s products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Ability to offer economical shipping

Over the years, Chem-tainer established a comprehensive nationwide network of factories dedicated to manufacturing, with 25 additional locations for fast and economical shipping. These strategic factories and shipping points enabled Chem-tainer to meet the needs of their customers while providing the most economical shipping for these product offerings.

Dealer network second-to-none

All of Chem-tainer products are sold through their extensive dealer network. This group of highly-experienced dealers are ready to help customers easily find and deliver whatever products are needed. Click here for a complete list of our dealers.

Chem-tainer was acquired in late 2019 by Tank Holding Corp. North America’s largest rotational molder, with manufacturing facilities in the US & Canada.

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