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Below Ground Septic & Water Tank Installation Procedures

For septic installations, it is important to contact your local or state sanitarian regarding approved installation procedures.


Failure to comply with the points below voids warranty.

  1. Do not install any tank in water saturated clay or in a high water table. The tank may collapse and its contents will escape.
  2. Tanks are not fire-resistant. Do not store them near an open flame or heat in excess of 180˚F.
  3. Do not install any tank under the path of vehicles or heavy equipment.
  4. If a yellow or black septic tank is pumped for normal maintenance, it should be refilled immediately. If a blue BRUISER tank or a white cistern tank is pumped empty, it should be immediately refilled to one-fourth of capacity. Spherical 300 and 500 gallon tanks may be left empty.
  5. Yellow and black septic tanks, blue BRUISER tanks, and cistern tanks are designed only for use as underground tanks.
  6. Yellow or black septic tanks, with the exception of the 300 and 500 gallon spherical tanks, cannot be used as holding tanks or pump tanks because the tank may collapse if it is left empty underground. Blue BRUISER tanks, white cistern tanks, and 300 or 500 gallon spherical tanks can be used for holding or pumping applications where permitted by local codes.
  7. White cistern tanks and blue BRUISER tanks are made of resins that meet FDA specifications for the storage of drinking water and can be used for that application. Yellow septic tanks and black septic tanks must not be used for drinking water.
  8. Protect the tank from sharp objects which could puncture it and cause leakage.

We advises against the use of a plastic underground tank for any other uses! Such uses would void any our product warranty either stated or implied. In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential damages.


The underground tanks, when installed in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions, are warranted against defective materials and/or workmanship for a full three (3) years from date of manufacture. Should a defect appear within the warranty period, we will supply a new, equivalent tank in replacement thereof. Liability is limited to the value of the tank itself and specifically excludes the cost of installation and/or removal and consequential damages.


  • Do not use Chem-Tainer septic design tank for drinking water.
  • Always refill the tank with water following periodic septic pumping.
  • Do not install across path of vehicles or heavy equipment.
  • Do not install tanks in excessive high water table areas.
  • Our septic tanks are designed for underground applications only, DO NOT use as a holding tank (with the exception of the 300 and 500 Gallon spheres).
  • Below ground water tanks may be used as septic holding tanks.
  • Never leave below ground tank empty, septic tanks must always be full, water tanks should not be allowed to be less than 25% of capacity.
  • It is important to contact your local or state sanitarian regarding proper installation of sanitary tee assemblies.

NOTE: Failure to comply with installation procedures and guidelines voids warranty.

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