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Chem-tainer produces Environmentally Friendly Double wall tanks, containment basins, drum containment pallets, secondary containment, security containment vessels, single drum containment vessels, double wall Oil-Tainer®, double wall vessels, and double wall containment.

How to Select and Order Tanks

Throughout the catalog, tank dimensions marked with a ( * ) symbol indicate sizes that are within the dimensional limits for UPS shipments. However, polypropylene tanks, stands and shipments of multiple tanks may not ship via UPS, due to their special packaging requirements.

*Polyethylene tanks may have some minor cosmetic imperfections due to the size and combination of mold sections that are used. These imperfections have no effect on long-term tank performance or warranties.

Custom Designs

We are a leader in the molding of custom shapes and sizes. Our engineers can design a model to fit your most exacting needs, be it a production sample, an inexpensive model for testing before production, or whatever you have in mind. We are particularly capable of molding large plastic parts for display, process and OEM application. The finished product would, of course, be stress free, seamless and corrosion free. (Tooling for custom items is not fully charged to customers and therefore remains in our possession unless disposal of same is mutually agreed upon.)

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